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bountme is a digital advertising and market research platform to connect audience awareness with audience influence. bountme empowers users to help advertisers to learn how advertising should be like in the future. Our #superadtest is about asking you, what you really think about the world’s most exposed advertising: The Superbowl 50 ads. bountme.com is honored to cooperate with Miami Ad School in this project. We are in particular eager to learn how the “most awarded advertising students on this planet” feel about the world’s most exposed advertising – compared to the rest of the world.

It’s super quick and easy:
a) log in and watch a Superbowl 50 ad
b) move 3 sliders according to your intuitive opinion.
c) If you like, invite your friends

Do the #superadtest on your mobile devices. Choose how many spots you want to watch and rate. Choose when and where you want to do that. It’s your honest opinion that will make for the real No. 1 Superbowl ad in 2016. All results will be published on bountme.com - The study ends February 22nd. Thank you very much for participating and sharing.